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Anyone who talks to Luca, the owner of Josef Wines, is immediately captivated by his enthusiasm for Lake Garda wines. But we don't mean the wines that can be bought at the countless campsites, stand bars or restaurants, we are talking about the authentic wines of the region. An unfiltered, mash-fermented Luganer or a Pet Nat from Garganega is addictive for more. In the vineyards there are vines that were planted in 1922. Sometimes forgotten for years, Luca has rediscovered these vines and rediscovered them. In harmony with nature, work is carried out according to biodynamic principles as a matter of course. During a tour of his vineyards, innumerable grasses and flowers, with the hint "is great in a salad", are pressed into your hand. The closeness to nature in the garden continues in the cellar. No interventions in the fermentation process, bottling as little sulfur as possible and unfiltered is the aim for all wines.

Region: Lake Garda (Italy)

Cultivation area: 5.5 hectares

Growing method: biodynamic

Cellar master: Luca Francesconi

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Josef - Ellis
Josef - Ellis
The sweet one from the southern end of Lake Garda.
€26.00 *
Weingut Josef Wines - Titolo Alto Minico Rosso 2018
Josef - Titolo Alto Minico Rosso 2019
Fruity, refreshing and easy to drink, spontaneously fermented wine.
€14.90 *