Georg Nigl - Pet Nat #3

Georg Nigl - Pet Nat #3

Attention! It bubbles!

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Country: Österreich
Region: Thermenregion
Grape variety: Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Zweigelt
Aging Process: dry
Alcohol in % : 11,5
Seal: Kronkorken
Match with: als Aperitiv, jeder Tageszeit

In the bottle, fermented vines from old Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and Zweigelt grapes ensure juicy fruitiness with a great acidity. Fermented spontaneously and bottled completely without additives during the first fermentation, the finest bubbles and a really cool, juicy fruitiness develop here. No additives, that means here, no sugar, no yeast, no sulfur and then unfiltered into the bottle. Naaturally sparkling, of course, what PETillant NATurell translates from French means, it is natural madness. Enjoy it ice cold and your palate goes of on an adventure.

IIn Georg Nigl's winery, the wine is produced strictly according to biological criteria. In the thermal region, on the outskirts of Vienna, the Nigl family works without pure yeast in the cellar and throughout the winery according to organic standards. All wines are fermented spontaneously with their own yeast, bottled without filtration or sugar and not manipulated by the addition of sulfites. The result is impressive: expressive and sometimes uncompromising wines, paired with a variety of aromas.

Region: Lower Austria (Austria)

Cultivation area: 8 ha

Cultivation method: biodynamic

Cellar master: Georg Nigl besuchen

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