Josef - Alto Minico Garganega Frizzante 2018

Josef - Alto Minico Garganega Frizzante 2018

A Pet Nat made from garganega grapes, fruity and tangy.

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Winery: Josef Wines
Country: Italien
Region: Lombardei
Grape variety: Bianca Fernanda, Garganega, Toai di San Martino
Aging Process: dry
Alcohol in % : 12,5
Contains: Sulfite
Seal: Kronkorken
Match with: allen Anlässen, als Aperitiv

Pet Nat, stands for Pétillant Naturel, naturally sparkling, which means that the carbonic acid present in the wine was not added artficially. The Garganega Frizzante is a super fresh sparkling wine characterized by a light tannin for everyone who doesn't drink anything else. Super distinctive fruit, great freshness and the non-excessive carbonic acid make you want to have more. The up to 100 year old vines of the Tocai di San Martino, one of the oldest grape varieties in the Lombardy / Lake Garda region, are not irrigated, which in conjunction with the south-facing vineyard ensures the minerality and structure of the vineyard. Combined with the Garganega grapes, it becomes a fruity, full-bodied frizzante with a very good structure.

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