Georg Nigl - Pinot Noir 2003

Georg Nigl - Pinot Noir 2003

The finest of Pinot Noir.

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Country: Österreich
Region: Thermenregion
Grape variety: Pinot Noir
Aging Process: dry
Alcohol in % : 13
Seal: Cork
Zertifikate: Vinaria Sieger gereifte Weine 2019
Match with: Fleischgerichten aller Art, Wildgerichten

The Pinot Noir from Georg Nigl, was chosen as one of the 4 best aged red wines in 2019 at the Vinaria red wine award. This wine needs air after opening and before drinking in order to develop its full aromatic potential. The fruitiness in combination with balanced acidity and great tannins play around the palate and flatters the heart.

IIn Georg Nigl's winery, the wine is produced strictly according to biological criteria. In the thermal region, on the outskirts of Vienna, the Nigl family works without pure yeast in the cellar and throughout the winery according to organic standards. All wines are fermented spontaneously with their own yeast, bottled without filtration or sugar and not manipulated by the addition of sulfites. The result is impressive: expressive and sometimes uncompromising wines, paired with a variety of aromas.

Region: Lower Austria (Austria)

Cultivation area: 8 ha

Cultivation method: biodynamic

Cellar master: Georg Nigl besuchen

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