Wein-Danke, Weinpaket, Probierpaket, Rotwein

Weinpaket - Probierpaket Rotwein

Three wonderful red wines for any occasion.

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Winery: Casa Rojo, Rosa del Golfo, Weingut Ziniel
Country: Italien, Spanien, Österreich
Contains: Sulfite

A great selection of the European red wine selection. A venture from Spain through Austria into Germany. Three completely different wines that offer something for every occasion and taste.

Casa Rojo - Enemigo Mio

Ziniel - St. Andräer Zeta

Fuchs-Jacobus - Menschel

Castelli del Grevepesa -Chianti Pontormo 2018
Castelli del Grevepesa -Chianti Pontormo 2018
Great entry into the world of chianti
€7.90 *
Wein-Danke, Casa Rojo, TIM - The invisible Man 2016
Casa Rojo - The Invisible Man 2016
A very strong, fruity Rioja.
€16.20 *